Why specify a certified steel fabricator?
Steel Fabricator Certification will provide procurers of locally fabricated structural steel with peace of mind in the knowledge that certified fabricators have the appropriate quality management systems in place that enables them to produce compliant fabricated products of the required standard.

  • Helps to evaluate tender bids

    It helps to evaluate and pre-qualify steel fabricators and ensure they have the capability and quality management systems in place to undertake work to the required standard.

  • Reduces the compliance risk

    Building officials and structural engineers rely on statements of compliance from fabricators (producer statement PS3) to help establish compliance of the structural steelwork with the Building Code. SFC, in conjunction with appropriate project quality documentation supplied by the fabricator, provides greater confidence for accepting a fabricator’s statement of compliance

Why become a certified steel fabricator?
Steel Fabricator Certification will be a key point of difference for local fabricators in the face of competition from imported pre-fabricated structural steel, which can be of uncertain provenance and quality.

  • Independently verifies your capability

    Differentiates your business from those competitors who have not independently demonstrated their capability. It also helps to establish your credentials if you are working in markets where your company’s credentials are not yet established

  • Demonstrates your commitment to quality

    Becoming a certified fabricator demonstrates to your key clients your commitment to quality

  • Potential to improve productivity and reduce rework

    Certification has the potential to improve your bottom line; companies with good process control are also likely to experience increased productivity and less rework